Deaf Action Group

The Deaf Action Group (DAG) meet weekly on Tuesdays.
We have our own Committee which organises activities including the following:

  • digital photography,
  • computer studies,
  • sewing,
  • jewellery and card making,
  • indoor bowling, dominos, cards, etc.,
  • outings and trips throughout the year.

Pop in and see us for more information.

Sewing Class - Making The Wall Hanging ‘In bread we bring you Lord our body's labour’

The wall hanging of the wheat crops is now finished. The work is all hand-sewn - what a wonderful achievement to have made this for our first large project!

Original WindowCompleted Wheat Banner

The design we chose was inspired by one of Joe Drummond’s creations – one of the stained-glass windows in the chapel, shown here in the photograph on the left.

The banner of the wheat crops shown here on the right is almost identical to the stained-glass window.

In bread we bring you Lord our body’s labour.

Sewing Group and BSL interpreter

This photo shows the DAG Sewing Group preparing the banner with tutor Sarah Hall and Miriam Davies as Communicator.

Presenting Sarah with a bouquet

The sewing class and Marie Callender presented the tutor Sarah Hall with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from all the students, to thank Sarah for her contribution and teaching on making the banner of the wheat crops.

Signing the visitors bookSarah signing the visitors bookSome of the sewing group and their supporters signed the visitors' book at the chapel, on the left you can see Moira signing the visitors’ book with Miriam Thompson and Rachael Bell looking on.

And on the right you can see Sarah signing the visitors' book with the beautiful banner behind her.


The Sewing Class It was an exciting moment when we watched the banner being put up.

This photo shows the sewing class and their friends showing off the banner that they made at the Deaf Centre.

The banner is now hanging in its rightful place at the back of the chapel.